Thursday, July 12, 2012

I YI YI YI - Happy Birthday Lem

Mel had a birthday and we went to find a GOOD authentic Mexican food place.  Our waiter had asked for Mel's name so when we were through eating our not too impressive meal, Mel was presented with festive fried ice cream and got to wear a sombero while they sang Happy Birthday to him.  They sang in English so that we could understand, but they sang to "Lem." Little mix up in translation.  Still looking for a restaurant with great salsa and some flavor.

My mom and dad let me go to Salt Lake with them one of the days that they visited earlier this month. Look, I'm almost as tall as my dad now.  It was very important to Dad to get in front of a beautiful flower bed.  Please don't notice the garbage dumpster and liquid fertilizer cart in the background.  My folks and I have the same talent for not being able to take pictures. The end on that subject. 
I think they are so cute anyway, and the nicest folks around.

 Mel and Chris have an annual vacation or staycation at about this time every year.  It usually involves planning an amazing motorcycle vacation that has turned into a build a porch project instead a couple of times.  Well, this morning they took off for the BMW rally in Colorado.  Maybe Beth and I will have to build the porch this year.  "Have fun boys and don't do anything I wouldn't do!" ~quote Jane


Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Have you been to Cafe Pierpont in downtown SLC? I think it's the best mexican food in Salt Lake COunty! Or blue burrito? That one is good too!

hi de ho said...

Thank you for all your help this summer!! You are n example of charity to me!! I'm so blessed to have you for a friend. I loved the visit in Idaho, and getting to see your new 'digs' in July! Thank you SO much for coming to the wedding. It meant a lot to me to have you there - I know I didn't get to tell you that that day. Love you.

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Beth Trent said...

Looks like a very happy birthday indeed! I just love the hat, but doofy me can't remember what they are called!

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